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We are Vrolijk Online

We believe in doing what you like

We believe in doing what you like. This life motto of our founder Tijs Vrolijk (what's in a name ;-) means that we have been doing what we like since the start in 2015. And that makes your online brand our most beautiful work!

Contagious enthusiasm and curiosity is what drives us to look at every issue from all angles. This is how we arrive at innovative and creative solutions that really work and are technically implemented down to the last detail. We combine the versatility of a large office with the flexibility of a small desk. This means we are fast, agile and the lines are short.

Tijs, Jeroen en Lisa samen achter een raam kijkend naar post-it's
online marketeers samen in overleg achter een laptop
medewerkers Lisa en Mariëlle kijkend naar een kleurenwaaier


No online success without a structured approach! We work closely with you from the initial idea to the go-live of your new website. In this way we come up with the most innovative and creative solutions that are not only unique, but also effective and technically perfectly executed. And so your new website will soon fit seamlessly with your online objectives!



We'll ask you every question

We want to know everything about your company and ambitions. What do you want to achieve with the new website? We analyze your current website based on a baseline measurement. For example, we investigate which pages are well visited and which keywords are used. We ask you what you are satisfied with, what you want differently and what you miss.


Interaction design

The construction drawing

We present your future website through an interaction design. You see the structure of the website, the overall content and the interaction between the different elements. The interaction design is a construction drawing without a corporate identity, with the full focus on the technical operation of the website and the menu and page structure. Now it's time for content ! The images and texts can be created with all input from phases 1 and 2.


Visual design

Look & feel

Have you approved the interaction design? Then we can continue with the visual design. We create a visual design of the homepage that matches the identity of your brand or company. This can be the familiar corporate identity or a completely new look and feel. Are you happy with the style direction? We will then develop the other web pages in the same vein.


Technical development

The front of the website

We start by developing the front of the website, the visible part or the user interface. Our developers convert the design of your choice into code language. At the back, we link your website to an extensive CMS, so that you can manage the content on your website yourself.


Enter content

Preview time

We present your new website on a silver platter: the preview environment! During the presentation we will explain to you how the CMS works, so that you or we can get started filling your website.


Testing & bug fixing

Test, test and test again

Once the technical development is complete, we will test, test and test again. We resolve any unexpected issues. Until your website works quickly and flawlessly.



And then the time has come!

Ready to go live! Your unique website will be launched! A custom website that perfectly matches your objectives.



Life goes on, even after going live!

You don't stand still, we don't stand still and neither do your visitors. That is why it is wise to continue to maintain your website. Both in the field of updates and security and in the field of optimization and online marketing.

Our team is ready to get to work for you!

Whether it concerns web development, content creation and online marketing: we are experts who enjoy what we do. Why? Because we are all good at it. Together we build strong online brands with passion and pleasure. By working together and inspiring each other, we bring out the best in each other and create beautiful things together with customers and colleagues. Personal contact is a must.

Tijs Vrolijk General manager
foto van Vrolijk Online eigenaar Tijs
Linda Gubbens Operational management
foto van operationeel manager Linda
Dominique Donders Account and project management
foto van medewerker Dominique, project-accountmanager
Sofie Derks Account and project management
foto van projectmanager/contentcreator Sofie
Dave Driessen Online marketing
foto van online marketing medewerker Dave
Mariëlle van Wijk Design & branding
foto van visual designer Mariëlle
Jeroen Mink Team lead development
foto van team lead development Jeroen
Tim van de Burgt Development
foto van developer Tim
Ralph van Vugt Development
foto van developer Ralph
Joost Brommert Development
foto van developer Joost
Lisa Morsink Strategy, content & copy
foto van copy writer en strateeg Lisa
Andres van Erp Development
foto van developer Andres


Collaborations you can build on. That's what it's about. We work together with expert partners, including:

Google Ads
Google Analytics

With you we are even more complete!

Are you the team player we miss? Then apply immediately and have a chance to win a great job.

Are we already running at full speed and do you still think you are a valuable asset to our team? Then send an open application.

Are you the visionary web designer who captivates our clients with the most stunning designs? If so, we want you on our team! We thrive on thinking beyond the ordinary, embracing groundbreaking concepts, and eagerly pursuing creative challenges to craft extraordinary outcomes in collaboration with our clients.

Are you in search of an instructive internship opportunity in the fields of web development, content creation, or online marketing? You're in luck because we enjoy mentoring interns! Convince us with your motivation.

Please note that we are already fully staffed for the period from August 2023 through February 2024.

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