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Umbraco specialist

If we had to recommend one CMS to you, it would be Umbraco. It is a real pleasure to work with Umbraco. Both for you as a user and for us, developers and designers. We are happy to explain why.

The benefits of Umbraco

We understand if you are thinking: yet another content management system (CMS) that is presented as the most user-friendly in the world. But we will convince you. Hold on tight, here are the benefits of Umbraco:

  • User friendly. Everything has been designed and arranged in such a way that managing your Umbraco website is a piece of cake !
  • Search engine friendly. Content and design fit seamlessly together. With neat HTML coding, Umbraco is easily readable by all search engines.
  • Fast and stable. Umbraco works super fast and is very stable.
  • Tailored. Umbraco stands for customization. You can fully tailor an Umbraco website to the specific requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • Flexible. Umbraco can easily be linked to other applications. This way you can enter contact forms directly into your CRM system and retrieve products from your management system and display them on the website.
  • Future-oriented . Umbraco easily adapts to changes and expansions. On the one hand, through flexible content management. On the other hand, because of the advanced technology.
  • Safe. The Umbraco CMS is built on the .NET framework, which is considered to be extremely secure. If an insecurity does occur, Umbraco is very quick to release recovery patches.
  • Open source. Umbraco is an open source CMS. The source code is freely available, without licensing fees.

Sounds good, right? Believe us, it really is! And the list of advantages only keeps getting longer, because Umbraco continues to develop and always takes user feedback to heart.

Watch the video below and discover the user-friendliness of Umbraco:

Umbraco 12 aankondiging Umbraco 12 aankondiging
Umbraco 9 aankondiging

A piece of history

Umbraco was invented and developed in 2000 by the Danish hacker Niels Hartvig and has been released as an open source content management system since 2005. From the start, Umbraco was set up as a user-friendly CMS. In the early years, Umbraco was Hartvig's one-man project, but since its open source release, a community around the CMS slowly began to emerge. Today, Umbraco is a large-scale company that works 24/7 on the development and optimization of the user-friendly CMS, practical documentation and training. In addition, Umbraco has a large community of helpful users internationally. A world player!

Umbraco Silver Partner

We are also avid Umbraco supporters. And not only that, we are also a recognized partner. The professional Umbraco Silver Partnership is a knowledge partnership. This means that we have all the know-how to make your Umbraco website a great success. In addition, we regularly follow Umbraco training courses, so that the skills of our experts are always up to date.

Premium websites

With Umbraco you are assured of the highest quality in terms of user-friendliness and reliability. Would you like more explanation or a demo? That is of course also possible. Feel free to drop by and experience the user-friendliness for yourself!