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April 2021

Safe and smooth online with a support agreement

With a support agreement you are assured of a well-maintained and adequately functioning website or webshop. In this article you can read how we proactively support you!


The world around us is constantly moving. These developments are happening very quickly online. In order to keep pace and keep up, your website requires regular maintenance. With a support agreement from Vrolijk Online you are assured of current updates and technical support, making your website safe, smooth and up to date.

Service & support

With a support agreement you can count on some extra service. Our service consists of:

  • support with website and hosting
  • telephone support and/or email support
  • quick (re)actions in case of emergencies, bugs and questions
  • minor adjustments to your website of up to half an hour
  • monitoring your website using Uptime Robot
  • resolving critical security vulnerabilities
  • signaling system updates (excluding implementation - we assess how much time is needed per update, small updates are within the agreement)
  • access to My Vrolijk Online for insight into your current contracts, outstanding invoices and remaining support hours and insight into the status of your website (Google Analytics, security and performance)
  • daily check of the mail server

Is your website not functioning properly, are you receiving an error message or do you have a question? Then you can always reach us directly during office hours. We try to find a solution as quickly and efficiently as possible. In our developers' schedules, space is reserved every day for support matters.


The big advantage of a support contract is its proactive nature. We resolve issues before the customer notices them. Monitoring websites with the Uptime Robot is one such proactive feature. This handy tool checks the availability of your website 24/7. Uptime Robot sends a request to your website every five minutes. If there is no successful response, we will receive a message that your website is unavailable and we will immediately investigate. This way we prevent unnecessary downtime.


Nowadays we build preventive error notifications into Umbraco websites. If something goes wrong on such a website, we will immediately receive a notification by email. For example, we recently received a report of an error during a newsletter registration. From the notification we deduced that certain settings in MailChimp were not correct, which meant that the registration was not processed. We informed our customer, the settings were adjusted and everything worked fine again. Without notification it could have taken a long time before anyone noticed the problem. These types of matters also fall under support for customers with a relevant website. Prevention is better than cure!

Cheerful supporters

Could you use some support? Then you've come to the right place at Vrolijk Online! The conclusion of a support agreement is a requirement for every delivery or takeover. This way we guarantee the proper functioning of your website or webshop. Safe, smooth and affordable online!


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