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December 2021

uMarketingSuite: the all-in-one marketing toolbox for Umbraco

uMarketingSuite is a collection of Umbraco's most successful marketing solutions in one ready-made package. The all-round toolbox integrates seamlessly with the backend of your website.


Back office content marketing

uMarketingSuite was developed by enthusiastic Umbraco developers with the aim of taking Umbraco websites to an even higher level, both in terms of performance and ease of use. The toolbox contains the most useful, tailor-made online marketing tools from Umbraco in one package. After purchasing, you connect uMarketingSuite to the backend of your website - where it fully integrates - and you have all useful marketing tools immediately at hand.

Ultimate customer experience

Information is processed directly via the Umbraco server and not via a script from a third party such as Google Analytics. The information gives you insight into web statistics and target group segments. By responding to the collected data, you can tailor the content of your Umbraco website even better to the needs of your visitor, which is guaranteed to increase customer satisfaction.

The most important features at your fingertips

We give you an overview of the most important functions within the uMarketingSuite toolbox:

  • Digital analysis : You receive the data from your website directly in the backend, where you can start working with it immediately.
  • A/B testing : Try a different page design and see which design scores better. You are already working on improving conversion.
  • 360° Profiling : You gain direct insight into the customer journey and therefore get to know your visitors better.
  • Personalization : Personalize the content of your website based on the behavior of your visitor. This way, the individual visitor sees the right content.
  • Lead scoring : Rank and classify your leads and determine how relevant the visitors to your website are.

Safety first

As an extension of Umbraco, uMarketingSuite also attaches great importance to safety. All collected data is stored in your own database in a GDPR-compliant and transparent manner.

Increase conversion with uMarketingSuite

With uMarketingSuite you can immediately influence the performance of your website and therefore increase conversion right in front of you. To use uMarketingSuite you need Umbraco 8.2 or higher. If you also want to use the latest split view functions, you need at least version 8.7. Are you interested in uMarketingSuite? Or do you want to upgrade your Umbraco website so that it is suitable for the smart all-in-one marketing tool? Let us know. As a recognized and enthusiastic Umbraco Certified Partner, we are eager to show you the benefits of uMarketingSuite!

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