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Laatst ge√ľpdate: April 2024
Dutch Safety Group/Event Medical Service

Custom websites, Vendr webshop and online marketing

We developed various websites for Dutch Safety Group and we also take care of their online marketing. DSG consists of various companies that are involved in safety and assistance at events and companies. Dutch Safety Group also runs an online store with safety products. Dutch Safety Group guarantees safety. We, as a recognized Google Partner , guarantee online success.


Dutch Safety Group/Event Medical Service
Event Medical Service medewerkers op festival

The question from Dutch Safety Group

Dutch Safety Group consists of the companies BTB Fire & Medical Support, Event Medical Service, EMS Care, Emergency Medical School and the webshop BTB Winkel, an online store with safety products. We were asked to set up Google Analytics for all labels under DSG, using Google Tag Manager. And then to set up Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio) with data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads. With the Google Looker Studio tool you can bring together data from all kinds of sources - including non-Google sources - and display them in informative dashboards and useful reports that are easy to read and share. This way, DSG is always aware of what is going on on the various websites. A fun job for our online marketing specialists!

But the demand from DSG was greater. We not only take care of the online marketing for Dutch Safety Group, we also develop the various websites of the umbrella organization.

mockup van laptop met website Dutch Safety Group

Our approach

Web development

We created new websites for Dutch Safety Group and Event Medical Service and built a website for the annual Acute Care Congress. We also developed the online store and website for BTB Fire & Medical Support.

Technical aspects

We set up a CMS that allows Dutch Safety Group to manage all websites in one environment. A major advantage is that content editors only need one login in this way, cross-pollination between the websites is easily possible and updates can be implemented centrally. In addition, shared functionality has been added between the websites, so that all sites benefit from further developments. We built a link with XPS so that vacancies and applications are managed and processed in XPS. We also created a link with Mollie for online ticket sales for events.

We are currently working on a complete webshop in combination with Vendr, including a connection with Exact for (customer-specific) prices and order processing.

More about web development
mobiele weergave van website Event Medical Service
laptop met website van Event Medical Service op beeld
Mockup van laptop met website BTB Fire & Medical

Online marketing

Zero measurements

Before we launch a new website, we do a baseline measurement to see how the old website performed online and create a redirect list. A redirect is a redirection from one web page to another. By applying redirects, you tell both search engines and users that the URL they are visiting has been replaced by another URL. By adopting and implementing the correct redirects, we prevent visitors from receiving a 404 error message and then - most likely - leaving the website. After a new website goes live, we rearrange the measurements to monitor, adjust and optimize traffic to the website as effectively as possible.

By making technical analyzes of the sites, we ensure that Google indexes them correctly and that the site is actually found by Google. So important!

Google Ads

We continuously realize Google Ads campaigns for the various DSG labels. The campaigns have various purposes, such as promoting vacancies, training and registrations for the Acute Care Congress and are focused on Search, Display and Remarketing. We also investigate options; For BTB Winkel we work with Google Shopping to determine whether this medium is a lucrative addition to the webshop.

Social media campaigns

Every year, Emergency Medical School organizes the Acute Care Congress in the Brabanthallen in 's-Hertogenbosch. A large-scale conference for medical professionals and chain partners in the (pre)clinical sector. To publicize this conference, we run LinkedIn campaigns to inform potential visitors, we set up Google Search campaigns to reach everyone who searches for this theme in Google and we run remarketing campaigns aimed at previous visitors to the website. With the aim of a sold-out 3rd edition in the autumn of 2022! We also run social media campaigns to promote open vacancies.

More about online marketing

vacancy registrations in 5 months via Google Ads
achieved more organic events
vacancy registrations in 5 months via Google Ads
achieved more organic events

At location

It is ideal, of course, that DSG, thanks to the use of ingenious tools and online marketing strategies, can continuously monitor online traffic and be aware of the performance of the websites. Measuring is knowing, but it doesn't stop there.

We work on location at DSG every other week. We transfer our knowledge to employees and make proposals to further increase findability. We make recommendations to improve the performance of the various sites in view of the objectives. We regularly discuss developments. What's going on? What's about to happen? And how can we guide this as best as possible? By coordinating regularly, we ensure that our marketing campaigns run parallel to current events and the customer's wishes.

Event Medical Service medewerker op fiets in het verkeer
Event Medical Service medewerker van Dutch Safety group