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Laatst ge├╝pdate: November 2023
Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

Corporate website, 'Working at' website and corporate identity resources

We created two new websites. A new corporate website with various extras, such as a sustainability monitor. And also a 'Working at' website that is closely linked to the corporate website. In addition, we continuously develop various corporate identity resources.


Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling
drie generaties vrouwen lachend op de foto

The question from Hendriks

The construction company from Oss designs, builds and manages. They choose smart, social and sustainable. With the disciplines of development, construction, technology, maintenance and management, the company has all expertise under one roof.

Hendriks consists of a renewed merger of Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling and Hendriks Coppelmans. With its centenary, Hendriks has an impressive history. What started as a one-man masonry business grew into a true construction group.

Vrolijk Online has the honor of putting Hendriks on the map through an innovative and distinctive website. And so we developed a new corporate website, a 'Working at' website and various corporate identity tools.

Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling about Vrolijk Online

We have been working with Vrolijk Online for several years to our complete satisfaction. Vrolijk Online is characterized by short lines, decisive employees and fresh designs. In short, it is great to work with Vrolijk Online!
Ilse van der Pas-Blom Communications employee

Web development

Corporate website

We were allowed to build a new corporate website for this beautiful company. An inspiring website on which Hendriks qualifies as a sustainable and innovative integrated builder. On the new website, all construction disciplines are highlighted in words and images and the many beautiful projects are also discussed in detail.

Sustainability monitor

Hendriks builds sustainable living environments. The innovative and progressive character of the family business is reflected on the website, among other things, in the Hendriks sustainability monitor. This monitor gives visitors insight into the percentages of CO2 reduction, biobased materials and circular material use that have been achieved in the projects.

Stappenplan van Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

Build corporate website

With the exception of the wireframes, we took care of the entire development process of the corporate website: from sitemap to design and from technical implementation to go-live. The result is a powerful, professional website on which Hendriks clearly profiles himself, shares knowledge and focuses on future clients and employees. Buyers and residents of completed projects are referred via external links to separate project sites and the Hoomctrl login area (as in home control). The right content for every visitor.

Backend design

For the overviews on the website we use infinite scrolling and not pagination. If you scroll down, the additional items will be loaded automatically. The circle slider on the homepage is a nice example of the back and front end. From a technical perspective, the front end of the new website was especially challenging. A challenge that we seized with both hands and a lot of fun and completely accomplished.

Frontend design

Hendriks' new website has a unique design with many round shapes. To create this look, we made extensive use of Scalable Vector Graphics. The challenge was to maintain this striking design for all devices. Mission accomplished!

With many variable content blocks, it was a challenge to ensure that the many different content blocks fit neatly together in terms of code and layout, regardless of the layout of a page.

We developed an interactive timeline for the history of the Hendriks family business where the user can easily and quickly go to the desired year via a timeline.

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'Working at' website

Hendriks' new corporate website focuses mainly on future clients and employees. We developed a special 'Working at' website for potential new employees and job seekers.

Working at Hendriks

Hendriks strives to be the most attractive employer in the Netherlands. A website specifically for job seekers, on which the Brabant construction company shows its DNA, fits in nicely with that goal.

The 'Working at' website is mainly aimed at job seekers who want to make a difference in the world of development, construction, technology, maintenance and management. Potential new employees are extensively informed about the core competencies, the field of activity and the socially involved character of the construction company. In addition to vacancies, Hendriks also offers traineeships and internships.

mockup van laptop met traineeship pagina Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling
vier schermen afgebeeld met laptop van de website van Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling


All vacancies on the website can be shared via social media and WhatsApp with a simple push of a button. You can also apply directly. There is room for writing a motivation and uploading a CV. You can easily filter the vacancies by field, education and type of employment, but you can also use the search function.

AJAX filter technology

At Hendriks' request, when filtering vacancies, the entire page is not reloaded each time, but only the search result. The technology we use for this is called AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript And XML). This is not ideal for online marketing, but it is nice and nice and fast for users!

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Werken bij website in mockup desktop voor Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling


Fortunately, Hendriks is well aware that Vrolijk Online is capable of much more than just building websites. And so we can get started with various corporate identity tools.

We developed advertisements, banners, beer mats, gift wrap, cards, a new logo for the works council, binders, tabs, roll-up banners, placemats, flags, an annual report and a design for white papers. New resources are regularly added. And if that wasn't enough, we were also allowed to design the printing on company clothing. This provides a professional appearance and simply increases the company's brand awareness.

Verschillende huisstijlmiddelen van Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling
Studiefonds brochure voor Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

Graphic design

Hendriks' corporate identity manual has a primary and secondary color palette. Shades of blue with an orange accent form the main part. This corporate identity has been implemented on both websites and in the corporate identity resources. We have designed recognizable icons for the four markets for which Hendriks creates great places - living, working, learning and caring.

infographic voor Hendriks Bouw en Ontwikkeling

The result

Hendrik's websites are strongly connected

We created a smooth connection between 'Working at' and Hendriks' corporate website. For example, the work locations, which are shown on a map on the contact form on the 'Working at' site, are retrieved from the list of projects on the corporate site via an API link. If Hendriks in Umbraco adds a new project to their corporate website, its location is immediately and automatically included in the map on the 'Working at' website.

Of course, the websites are also closely linked in terms of web design. We translated the designs we came up with for the corporate website to the 'Working at' site. The websites have a primary and secondary color palette according to Hendriks' corporate identity manual. Shades of blue on a bright white background and orange accents form the recognizable basis of the new Hendriks websites.

increase in time spent on the website since it went live
number of corporate identity resources created in 2022
increase in time spent on the website since it went live
number of corporate identity resources created in 2022


We are proud of a top collaboration with Hendriks, a big name in Oss and the surrounding area. The construction project for the two new websites of the Brabant construction company went very smoothly, partly thanks to the very good mutual communication. We continue to create various suitable corporate identity resources with great pleasure and we are steadily building new projects. A collaboration to cherish!

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