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Laatst ge├╝pdate: November 2023
Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep

Three custom websites for Berghege Heerkens construction group

Three new custom websites. First of all for Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep. This was followed by the websites for partners Bouwbedrijf Berghege and Heerkens van Bavel Bouw. The construction group consists of several parts, but each part has its own identity. The websites must clearly radiate this. A nice challenge!


Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep
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About Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep

Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep is a powerful collaboration between Bouwbedrijf Berghege from Oss and Heerkens van Bavel Bouw from Tilburg. Their most important pillars are independence, pride, cooperation, short lines and common sense.

As a leading Dutch construction group, they specialize in non-residential construction for various sectors. They are also active in housing construction; from land-based neighborhoods to utilitarian high-rise buildings. They work together with real professionals. In this way they build strong, long-term relationships with clients, subcontractors and suppliers.

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The question

No standard websites, but unique designs. That was the wish of Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep. Naturally, the designs had to fit in well with the new brand strategy. After the realization of the website of Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep was completed, we were allowed to start with the websites for Bouwbedrijf Berghege and Heerkens van Bavel Bouw. Recognizability between the websites was central, but the individual identity also had to be clearly expressed.

Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep about Vrolijk Online

Together with the Vrolijk Online team, I looked at the best online platform for our three brands: Bouwbedrijf Berghege, Heerkens van Bavel Bouw and the Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep.
It had to look professional - in line with our new brand strategy - and be easy to manage.
Ilse Bakker Communications adviser

Our approach

Web development
Three different custom websites, built in Umbraco. A major advantage of Umbraco is that all websites can be managed from one CMS. This improves ease of use. This means that projects, news and vacancies only have to be entered into the CMS once and you have the choice of publishing them on one or more websites. In a number of situations, the content is partly adapted with the relevant company name, super efficient! This also allows updates and further developments to be applied simultaneously in the future. The websites are full of relevant content to inform visitors and encourage them to convert. This includes completing the contact form or downloading documentation.

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Work at
A separate 'Working at' page has been created. In this way, Berghege Heerkens construction group puts itself on the map as an employer. The page provides insight into open vacancies. Every vacancy can be responded to immediately via the integrated contact form. So handy!

Online marketing
Before the launch of the new websites, baseline measurements, keyword research and SEO technical scans were carried out. For example, we look at how the old websites performed online. We also applied redirects, which prevent visitors from receiving an error message and leaving the website. After a new website goes live, we rearrange the measurements to monitor, adjust and optimize traffic to the website as effectively as possible. By making technical analyzes of the websites, we ensure that they are indexed correctly and that the website is found by Google.

Berghege Heerkens bouwgroep about the result

There was less than seven months between the kick-off and the delivery of all three websites (and that included a summer holiday)!
That indicates that it was a smooth and fast process. And that everyone I met along the way worked very hard. With the promised result. See, that makes me happy!
Ilse Bakker Communications adviser

The result

The result? Three different custom websites that radiate solidarity, but each have their own recognisability. The website went live on July 13, 2023. followed on November 1, 2023 and went live on November 2.

We look back on a pleasant collaboration. The short lines allowed us to switch quickly. After delivering the websites, Berghege Heerkens construction group was able to quickly fill the websites with content and the websites could go live quickly.

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