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Marketing automation

With marketing automation you are able to optimize your sales and marketing process. You offer your website visitors exactly the information they need at that moment. But what exactly is marketing automation and how do you apply it?

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is the technology that helps you automatically manage marketing processes and campaigns across multiple channels. With marketing automation you approach customers and leads through automated messages via email, internet and social media with the aim of informing, convincing and binding them to your product or service. Through segmentation and profiling you can send targeted information that is relevant to your target group at that moment. A handy and effective tool, such a marketing automation tool. And it goes one step further than email marketing !

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Smart use of data

Making decisions based on intuition? With a marketing automation tool, this is a thing of the past for you as a marketer or salesperson! Instead, thanks to available data, you can automate a large part of your online activities, making you effective, relevant and personal to (potential) customers. By sending the right message to the right person at the right time, you can generate additional sales.

Save time and resources

Marketing automation is the solution if you want to manage and execute your marketing more efficiently. You can automate complex processes and workflows, saving time and resources. Moreover, you can approach target groups in a very targeted manner and realize individual communication with customers and leads by using data and insights from customer profiles. In addition, a marketing automation tool gives you real-time insight into your company's performance and the opportunity to improve it. Whether it concerns lead generation, lead follow-up, email marketing or social media marketing; marketing automation tools offer you an all-in-one platform.


You already knew that we are fans of Umbraco . But did you also know that Umbraco has launched its own marketing automation tool? uMarketingSuite it is! The big advantage of this tool is that the data is processed via the Umbraco server, instead of, for example, Google Analytics. This results in more accurate data collection, because Umbraco is less vulnerable to cookie wall blocks. Moreover, the system links different visits together, giving you a better picture of the customer journey. Our online marketers are happy to tell you more about this!

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) strives to always send the perfect message to the right place at the right time in order to increase audience involvement. To achieve this, they use all kinds of advanced techniques . All these processes are aimed at delivering customized solutions at every moment of the customer journey. To assess whether these processes are running optimally, Sendinblue offers statistics and analyzes on the performance of your actions such as A/B testing, (real-time) reports, heat maps, detailed timelines and click performance of your advertisements. In short, a complete marketing automation toolbox.


Finally, we bring Spotler to your attention. Spotler is a Dutch company and is completely GDPR-proof. What makes Spotler unique is the ability to easily create professional landing pages that are fully tailored to your users, both in terms of text and design. The landing pages can then be integrated with other Spotler functionalities, such as web forms and automatic campaigns. Spotler also offers some extras in the field of profile lists. You can create lists yourself and segment them based on various criteria, such as behavior, interests, demographics and interactions with previous campaigns.

Personal advice?

Done with guessing and ready for razor-sharp marketing? We are happy to work with you to determine which marketing automation tool best suits your organization and online strategy .